Do you like space? Do you like lasers? Do you like puzzles?

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Work your way through 70 mind-bending, space themed challenges; you won't even need to hold your breath. Puzzles increase in difficulty as you progress.

We've got an awesome soundtrack and all your favorite toys! 

Mirrors, walls, wormholes, beam splitters, color splitters, combiners, filters, switches, locks / barriers, and even explosives, they're all here. Better call the bomb squad, because there are a lot of explosives. Fun!

Slide, flip and rotate the tiles. Combine them in creative ways to unlock the targets and get that sweet rush that you so desperately crave. Don't even pretend that you don't!

Play the demo that includes the first puzzle set of 10 levels and then get the rest to prove to your friends how smart you really are!

Keyboard and controller support available.

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